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Announcements! New Golfire Golight!

Golfire to introduce a LED light integrated into a Leather Helmet Front!

Suggested retail to be $34.99 in addition to your Front.


NFPA Certified Escape Kits Available Here


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Golfire has over

500 Reflective Decals,

 Tets, Custom Stickers available!


Glove Keeper Straps

Glove Keeper TM

Glove Keeper II

Glove Keeper III

The Glove Noose

Belt Loop Glove Holder

 Velcro Glove Straps -4 Styles

Kevlar Velcro Glove Straps


Escape Kits and Search LinesG Zero Descender

New! Pocket Rope Bag

New! SCBA Lumbar Kit

UP Escape Kit

New! VOL Escape Kit

FESH Hook Escape Hook and System

Baldwinsville Bail Out Kit-NFPA Cert. Comp.

Baldwinsville Tagline Kit

Compact Bail Kit

Pro Escape Bag

Personal Rope Bag

Search Security Tether

Web Pack Search Kit

SCBA FRAME Carry Escape System

TEAM Search Kit

Easy Bag Escape Bag

NY Search Bag

TFS40 Rope Bag


Belts - Escape, Tool & Harness

New! Padded Ladder Belt

NYSFD Escape Harness - Class II

G-Zero Single Leg Harness

Kevlar RIT Belt

New York Firefighters Belt

Truckee Belt

Escape (GUT) Belt

Class II Harness

Belt Add-Ons

Last Chance Duty Belt


RIT and FAST Accessories

Shield Identity Covers

DRH - Drag Rescue Harness

Drag-U-Safe & Pro Kits

FD Company SCBA Markers

RIT/FAST Dedicated Nozzle Covers


RIT/FAST/RIC Cylinder or Arm Id Bands

SCBA RIT Cylinder Covers and WRAPS

Heavy Duty Rope Bags 


Staging Mats & Cone Accessories

RIT Staging Mat

SCBA Staging Mat

All Purpose Staging Mats

Cone ID Covers for Staging Areas

Collapsible Cone Bag


Reflective Vests

New! Vests

New! Vest Bag




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PEST - Personal Emergency Survival Tool



100% LEATHER Shields made by Golfire!



Bunker Gear Strap

Suggested Retail $37.95

Future Products

  • Fireman's Locker and Mini Locker (For Station Rack)

  • Leather Glove Straps, Holsters, Stabilizers

  • "X" Back Bib Suspenders

  • All Purpose Tool Bags

  • Bungee Goggle Covers

  • Door Markers

  • SARB - Search & Rescue Blanket

  • Donut Strap for 50' and 100' of Hose

  • Rope Chafe Guards

  • O2 Cylinder Bags

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Leather Shields

Leather Helmet Shields


Key Chain Shields



Gear Accessories

New! Quick Release Light Holder

Channel Lock Tool Pouch

Adjustable Tool Strap

Alice Clip

Hood Keeper

Pocket Tool Grab

Bunker Gear Belt Straps

Gear Bags

Pant Liner Keep Downs

Quick Pocket

Belt Tool Pouch

Soft Case for Rubber Gloves

Mask Bags - 5 Styles

Rubber Helmet Bands

Suspenders & Pads

Nomex Goggle Protectors/Goggle Shed

Kevlar Mask Straps

Mask / Radio Clip

Mag Light - Pliers Holder for Belt

Leatherman Case - Heavy Duty

New! Radio Rain Coat

Radio Case's and Radio Jacket

Belt Loops / Harness Loops


Tools to help the Job

Pest Survival Tool

Hydrant Bucket

K - Extinguisher Bag

Tool Bags

Daughtry Strap

Sewn Webbing Loops

Web Pack

Halligan/Ax Straps

Irons Marrying Strap & Iron Handle

Roof Bag

Drag-U-Safe & Pro Kits

New! DRH - Drag Rescue Harness

Water Can Carrier

SCBA Cylinder Carriers

Large Webbing Storage Pouch

Heavy Duty 2" Tool Strap

Tool Strap

Hinge Wedge

Hose Strap

Storage & Hauling Strap

All Purpose Quick Release Strap


Water Rescue

Water Rescue Throw Bag



Simulated Smoke Training Inserts



GOES (Group Order Escape System) Bag

New! Ladder Boot - Skull Saver



Incident Command Flags


Hose Systems

50' Hose Bag

3' High Rise Pack + Little Jack Tool Pack

Octopus Hose Carry Systems

Hose Keeper


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